Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wooden Clogs and Raindrops

The arrival of April meant it was time again for one of my favourite family traditions, a trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip festival.  Last year we went during the week and Amelia had been sad that some of the vendors were not there, so this year we promised to go during the weekend instead.

After a little lunch from the Mount Angel Sausage Company our first stop was the pony rides, she was able to choose which horse she rode on, the funny thing was she had to go on one of the bigger horses this year, a true reminder that my girlie is growing up fast. 

Next we went by the clog makers tent, I'm not sure this is your size, sweet girl!

Then, it was time to ride on the pony swings, which are cleverly made out of old tyres.   She was having a blast swinging back and forth...

...when all of a sudden her boots fell off, it was so funny and she couldn't stop giggling.

Finally, it was time to see the beauty of the tulip fields.  It was a rather cloudy, grey day, but honestly it seemed to make the colour of the tulips stand out even more.  Oh, by the way, please excuse the raindrops on some of the pictures, unfortunately, it was a little impossible to keep the lens on my camera totally, if you see any little blurry spots, that's what Oregon rain looks like!

I loved this old Chevrolet truck.

Who doesn't want to ride a pink tractor?  Amelia and I jumped on board.

Every year, we take a photo of Amelia by the windmill and standing in these clogs.  This year, being the family photographer was easier and much more fun, since I let my daughter tell me what photographs she wanted me to take!

Ah, there are no words, just enjoy!!!

After walking through the tulip fields Amelia couldn't wait to do the one thing on her wish list she had talked about since last year, she wanted to get her face painted.  

She decided to get the horse and although the can't see it in the photo, it even had sparkles in it's mane.  This was a dollar well spent since and it made her very happy.

Last but not least, it was time for the ducky races, she LOVES this, and was having fun competing with her daddy.  We had to pull her away from it, she would have spent all day pumping the water down the chutes if we would have let her.

We had such a wonderful time together despite the rain showers that came and went when we were there, and I will never get tired of the beauty and colours at the festival.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello Spring!

The arrival of the pink blossoms outside my office window meant it was time for the 4th annual photo shoot of Amelia with the pups.  With a rainy forecast, we weren't sure what to expect, but in Oregon, just like in England, you can't be scared of a little rain, as luck would have it, and as in years past, we did enjoy some sunshine as we watched Amelia have fun with Echo and True.

Ah, I love this one, this girl loves Echo!

Below, Amelia is pointing at a "chippy truck" that she saw drive past, that would be a Frito Lay truck, since daddy works for Frito Lay, she always loves to point them out.

Last year, we had put Amelia in a tree for a photo, she wanted to do it again this year, it's amazing how much bigger she seemed than last year.

Time for a race!

Ready to fetch?

As usual, we had a lot of fun and I'm sure Amelia slept very well during her nap that followed this fun playtime with the pups!